Online Real Estate Services

Cool2invest is an online real estate services provider wherein we can offer you to purchase and lease your unit. We can also help you with Bank Financing, rentals, and after-sales services. You can conveniently choose and see the latest updates on projects, developments, events, blogs, guides, and everything you need to know even if you’re in different parts of the globe.

Through our online real estate services, you can easily get your own personal condo units in SMDC Projects across the country. Cool2invest can accommodate all your needs and can give the quality service you deserve. It is not about the business; it is the kind of services that we offer.

“Be a star. Be secure. Be hip.”


Whatever it is that you need and you’re looking for, cool2invest is here to guide and help you with your needs when it comes to real estate interest; whether it is for buying your own condo, from renting a unit or to manage your unit for leasing. This is not about our business but we want to assure that we give you all these services you deserve. This is cool2invest’s mission for you.

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