About Cool2invest

The idea of an online real estate service started last April 1, 2014 and name as cool2invest. From its name, getting a property for an investment or for personal use is a necessity and the website is created to guide and help those who would want to have their own personal home in prime projects across the Metro.

Cool2invest started as listing the different projects of SMDC for everyone to get a clearer picture of every project development of SMDC. This is something beneficial especially for those who are residents abroad. Then from time to time, the website becomes a practical guide to all especially for those already availed a unit.

Cool2invest will be there from the first time you inquire until the turnover date of your unit. As a standard process, we want a hassle free transaction for you; therefore, cool2invest has processes to follow. Cool2invest has invested a lot of time to improve the website to make it a complete guide to everyone, from the description of units, reservation guide, payment guide, bank financing, and after-sales services.

It has also added perks such as blogs and updates on construction of project developments per location to give those who bought a unit regarding the progress of the structure. Moreover, events and other important details wherein there’s an added promo when availing a unit are added to the website. From time to time, improvement will be seen and added ideas to gain benefit to everyone which is also our top priority.

Even after the unit has been turnover, there are units offered and can be availed through our Early Occupancy Program. Even after you bought a unit and you would want to lease it, we will also help you out to gain income from your units.

As you know, cool2invest mission is to give you a quality service which you really deserve. This is not just our business, but this is something we want to provide to everyone. Inquire or invest now and we will surely help and guide you and be excited as you are as your new home awaits you!