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This video is the reason behind why Mall of Asia Complex is very popular to investors around the world.

Aside of this entertainment & commercial developments, the newest & residential project here developed by SM Development Corporation is Shore Residences, a beach island development that would be perfect for rental or leisure investment.

For past 7 months of unit selling, we already sold in Tower A about 83.33%, Tower B about 67.65%, Tower C about 35.64%, & Tower D about 32.09%. (accurate today base on our availability). The total average units reserve per month from the dated launched last October 2013 is 393 units (estimated).

If you have plans to put your hard earned money in property investment at the right project, I would suggest to check this out. This might  give you a great return of investment and best leisure or residential investment at a very considerable payment terms.

Other Projects at this place:


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