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Know how lucky you will be in year 2015

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2015 Know how lucky you will be in year 2015

The Rat Zodiac Sign in 2015

Cute Rat

Generally, the Wood Sheep energy of 2015 is considered to be a much, much better year for Rat people, who had to go through quite a bit in the past couple years. Better career opportunities, better quality of relationships and better health. Know when and how to take the time off, so that your personal energy is replenished and rejuvenated. Do not forget to take good care of your feng shui health trinity at home and enjoy a beautiful and successful 2015!

The Ox Zodiac Sign in 2015

Cute Ox

The Wood Sheep energy of 2015 can be slightly challenging for the Ox. The main qualities to develop this year are patience and openness – things can move either very fast, or very slow for you. Do your best to avoid the feelings of frustration and pay attention to your health. Stay open and be comfortable with trusting others, take good care of your health and you might enjoy a beautiful 2015 full of opportunities!

Tiger Zodiac Sign in 2015


The Wood Sheep energy of 2015 will be full of enthusiasm and bright opportunities for the Tiger. The only word of caution is to stick to the energy of patience and consistency, make the “one step at a time” your mantra and you will enjoy a wonderful 2015! With all the excellent outlook for 2015, be wise and make a point of not getting carried away. Keep your feet on the ground, monitor your personal energy levels, and, above all, be consistent with your actions. Avoid impatience and carelessness, and a beautiful 2015 is yours to enjoy!

Rabbit Zodiac Sign in 2015

Cute Rabbit

Very good energy is predicted for Rabbit people in 2015, especially bright opportunities in their career.  There is also much luck to be encountered in your personal relationships. Vibrant health is in the stars for Rabbit people, too. 2015 sounds like a stellar year, indeed! A beautiful year is in store for you, Rabbit people; just remember to make any changes in a thoughtful manner. Enjoy the best of 2015!

Dragon Zodiac Sign in 2015

cute dragon

The Wood Sheep energy of 2015 is predicted to be of mixed energies for those born in a Dragon year. However, it promises to be better than last year, so with strong will and enough determination, you can enjoy a good year. Enjoy the beautiful year ahead, mighty Dragon!


Snake Zodiac Sign in 2015

cute snake

The Wood Sheep energy of 2015 brings you a much improved energy with many opportunities to explore. A very good outlook is seen in your career, money, as well as marriage & love areas. Same advice from the last year applies this year, too – be sure to take good care of your energy levels and keep your health at optimum levels. You can experience an amazing 2015 if you remember to pay good attention to your energy levels and nourish your personal energy/strengthen your health.

Horse Zodiac Sign in 2015

Cute horse

2015 is predicted to be a successful year for Horse people, with much recognition coming their way, as well as improvement in finances. To strengthen the auspicious energy coming your way, look into several feng shui career cures. 2015 is predicted to be a good year for Horse people who know how to manage their energy well. Be sure to take good care of your personal energy, as well as the energy of your home and office and create a beautiful 2015 for yourself!

Sheep Zodiac Sign in 2015

cute sheep

Sheep (Goat)  people are expected to have an excellent 2015, as it should be because it is their year! There will be helpful energy in your career/professional life, as well as tons of luck in love, both for single as well as married people. Taking things at a slower pace will bring you more luck this year, so do develop patience. 2015 is expected to bring you excellent energy, be sure to make the best of it!

Monkey Zodiac Sign in 2015


A very good year is in store for Monkey people. Opportunities for more income, recognition, inspiring travel and luck in relationships are all there for you to enjoy. Care should be taken to avoid arguments, both in personal, as well as professional life. 2015 brings potentially very good energy to Monkey people. With the proper focus on the 2 main goals – plenty of calm and a simple, down to earth, practical approach to all events – you can make this an excellent year.

Rooster Zodiac Sign in 2015

cute rooster

Roosters will continue to experience good luck this year, too. Plenty of good luck energy, success and prosperity are all predicted to come your way in 2015. Being mindful of the need to balance the strong/yang energy with the gentle and nourishing yin energy is the key to your absolute success this year. Discipline and patience will also greatly help you. 2015 promises to be another excellent year for you, Rooster, make the best of it!

Dog Zodiac Sign in 2015

cute dog

As in the previous year, quite a mixture of good and bad energies are predicted for Dog people in 2015. As long as you take good care of yourself, practice openness and flexibility, you will experience an excellent year. Even though 2015 might not be a stellar year for Dog people (yes, I know, this has been going on for you for a while!) , you can still enjoy a good year. Stay focused on nourishing your own energy and do your best in ignoring any negativity, be it your own or from those around you.

Pig Zodiac Sign in 2015

Cute Pigs

A very good year is in store for Pig people. Plenty of good luck and auspicious energy are there for you, especially in your career and your personal life. Be sure to take good care of your energy and not exhaust yourself.  2015 brings excellent energy to Pig people. As long as you remember to take good care of your energy and not exhaust yourself, you can truly benefit from all the great opportunities.

Know how lucky you will be in year 2015

From Rodika Tchi, an feng shui consultant in Vancouver, Canada

What you don’t know about buying condos

What you don’t know about buying condos is revealed.

Amenities and Features

Before,  condo developers here in the Philippines are very few. By just developing a condo with a small swimming pool, it will already be saleable. But Today, most developers do enhancements and  create more types of amenities and features to meet the investors demand and  also to acknowledge as the best condominium development here is the Philippines.

The modern condominium must have swimming pool, clubhouse , function rooms , sports area , open spaces for landscape garden / lawn, playground area , recreational Area, jogging paths and  there is a commercial area under each building for everyday needs like wet and dry supermarket, banks, restaurants, boutiques and other business establishments a condo has to offer. Add-ons are concierge, CCTV, guards like living in a hotel . Even though,  buying worth a Php 3-4M condo investment will surely satisfy your daily needs because of amenities and features of condominium development has to offer today.

Community and Neighbourhood

Most of the time condo admin has scheduled an events for unit owners. This will be a good opportunity for businessman as units owners in joining such events. They can easily convince and find business partners. Because most of the condo owners are prominent in society. This is the other way to attract more investors for your business.

Location and Accessibility

When we buy a condo our main concern is location. Why? In a large city is hard to find affordable property in the exact area we want. So the answer to this problem is condominium.


I notice now a day’s condominium Investors buying  4 – 8 condo units either cash or installment basis. Then, soon they will sell half units they have bought lesser to current price value to pay the balance for the remaining condo units. Most investors don’t use broker or agents to sell their property because It will just lessen their profit, mostly they encourage their friends or business partners to buy their unit  in lower price compare to the current price. Then soon they will lease their unit  to generate income for future investment again. That’s what cycle of investment they are doing today, safe and effective rather than keeping money to their banks. For starters, I suggest to try 2 condo units to know the flow on investing a condo.


Do you know that you only need 80-100 pesos per sqm per month as monthly dues to secure your safety and maintain your property in good condition. A well secured and proper maintained condo must have guards, concierge, doorman at entrance, 24X7 general maintenance, daily garbage picker. This is very cheap expenses compare you hire one for yourself.

Value for Money

All condo owners knows that the condominium living is cheaper. If we can only try and experience the benefits, upgraded lifestyle, accessibility to the location and the most important our safety. We can say that, the value of our money worth for this kind of investment.

Feel Free to comment below. Thank you for reading!

Please check the list SMDC condo projects

What you don’t know about buying condos

Philippines Economy Growth 2015, what will happen?!

Most foreign investors in the Philippines says that 2015 is the best year to invest due to lift of Philippine Economy from 2012 to 2014. At the same time, the property in the Philippines also increases its demand. The higher demand, the price goes up faster. So, to those who invested a property last year, you will see a big difference of their return of invest this year.

Property Investors taking advantage of this situation to earn more money. When the price goes up they’re sell it and buy another. This is how they earn through buy and sell a property. Some of those Property Investors will least their condo units to a higher price rate. Wise men says, “Condo is a wise Investment because it cannot be damage or stolen by others.” This is the system of Real Estate Investment.

Property Investment
Photo by: Perry Henderson

It is not too late to invest property now, SMDC Ready for Occupancy Projects offers a promo program like “Rent to Own” known as Early Occupancy Program. For just 5% Spot Downpayment of the price value, buyers can already move in to their unit. If you don’t have enough money for Downpayment, we offer Pre-Selling Condo.

Pre-selling Condo is selling units in the building while under construction. I can say that, take advantage of this opportunity to get units while at low price and offers no spot downpayment.

If you are looking for a good investment condo, please check all the available SMDC projects here >> CONDO FOR SALE

Read more here >> Investment Tips, Guide and Blog

Philippines Economy Growth 2015, what will happen?!

Best place for investment today!

This video is the reason behind why Mall of Asia Complex is very popular to investors around the world.

Aside of this entertainment & commercial developments, the newest & residential project here developed by SM Development Corporation is Shore Residences, a beach island development that would be perfect for rental or leisure investment.

For past 7 months of unit selling, we already sold in Tower A about 83.33%, Tower B about 67.65%, Tower C about 35.64%, & Tower D about 32.09%. (accurate today base on our availability). The total average units reserve per month from the dated launched last October 2013 is 393 units (estimated).

If you have plans to put your hard earned money in property investment at the right project, I would suggest to check this out. This might  give you a great return of investment and best leisure or residential investment at a very considerable payment terms.

Other Projects at this place:


Jessie Delmo

6 Things to consider in buying a condo property in the Philippines. (ano ba talaga ang dapat?)

Things to consider in buying a condo property in the Philippines. (ano ba talaga ang dapat?)

1. Transportation Oriented

Kahit na meron tayong sariling sasakyan, importante pa din na nakatira tayo sa lugar kung saan madaling makakuha ng masasakyan para sa ating pupuntahan, emergency purpose o pangagailangan katulad ng pedicab, tricycle, jeepney o taxi. Maganda din na malapit tayo sa MRT or LRT, kahit isang sakay papunta dito ay malaking ginhawa na ito para sa atin.

2. Business Establishments

– Sa buhay natin importante na malapit tayo sa mga lugar kung saan makakabili o makakakuha tayo ng mga bagay bagay na magagamit natin sa pang araw araw na pangangailangan. Mas maganda ito kung nalalakad lang natin withing  5 – 10 mins, katulad ng Wet & Dry Market, trabaho, Paaralan, Simbahan o mas maganda kung malapit sa mga Malls kung saan kumpleto na ang lahat.

3. Amenity

Kung bibili tayo ng condo siguraduhing kumpleto ito para sa ating pangangailangan, tignan nyo rin ang sukat ng mga swimming pool baka naman malaki pa bathtub nyo, hehe. Mas maganda kung may commercial space o mall din sa baba. Malaking kasiyahan sa atin ang makita natin ang ating pamilya na nasa paligid lang ng development na nagsasaya at namamasyal sa safe na lugar. Hindi kasi natin nabibili ang Peace of Mind.

4. Property Management

Ito ang kadalasan na nakakalimutan na ng mga buyer iconsider, napaka importante nito dahil kadalasan ng mga condo buyer ay hindi lang isa ang binibili sa iisang lugar dahil kadalasan ay palipat lipat tayo ng tirahan dipende kung saan magiging malapit tayo sa ating araw araw na mga gawain business or trabaho o Paaralan.

Sila ay makakatulong sa inyo kung sakaling gusto natin pagkakitaan ang ating mga unit katulad ng rentahan. Sila rin ang magpapanatiling maayos ang gusali, seguridad, at kalinisan ng paligid. isipin nyo nalang kung wala sila. 🙂

5. Price per sqm.

Kung from 1 to 4 at meron ang isang napiling nyo condo, paniguradong maganda ang magiging lifestyle nyo pero kadalasan ang mga presyo nito ay umaabot sa 130k to 150k o higit pa. Pwede din naman tayo makuha ng ganito ng mas mura kung pipili tayo ng project na pre-selling stage palang. Meron tayong makikita pa na 90k to 100k per dipende sa  kung gaano na kalapit ito maturnover. Mas makakamura kung 2 – 3 years pa sya bago maturnover. pero dipende pa din ito sa pangangailangan.

6. Agent

Siguraduhin nyo na ang agent nyo ay alam ang binebenta nya at commitment nya sa inyo. Siguraduhin din na tama ang binigay nyang information, presyo, location ng unit, at laman ng unit. Siguraduhin nyo din na marunong makinig sa concern nyo at magbigay ng tamang opinion (tagalog man o little english ), hindi yung salita ng salita lang at ayaw na kayong pasingitin. Wala din sa first impression ang galing ng isang ahente,  malalaman nyo lang kung kakausapin nyo sila. Pero consider nyo pa din ang bagong agent na less than 3 months palang sa realestate basta kasama ang manager nila kapag inassist kayo.

Kapag ok ang lahat pwede na kayo mag-reserve ng unit. 🙂