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Golden Topper

Golden ToPPer was founded in early 2013. Their office is in Hongkong as its headquarters. Golder ToPPer Enterprise CEO Allan Lim Crisologo, together with experienced professionals in real estate developers from Mainland China, reach the Philippines in 2017 to continue its venture to create a better city and better lives for fellow Filipinos.

Golden ToPPer redefines the skyline of the cities in the Philippines. They bring to the country their extensive learnings and experience from abroad, aiming to provide world-class developments. There is a promising comfortable living and a well-balanced lifestyle. The mission is to provide feasible development, high-value properties, and advanced home solutions to every Filipino.

We strives to be one of the best developers in the Philippines, and they already started in Cebu City. They continue to innovate affordable but prime projects, building a bright and amazing future.

Golden ToPPer current project for sale

Golder ToPper’s objectives will be attained together with astounding and talented people, a thriving market, well-defined brands, and best-in-class service. This is to provide high-value and sustainable developments in the Philippines. There are currently 9 properties under development. Golden Topper is looking forward to expanding to 20 properties in the next 5 years.

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