How to be an accredited International Marketing Partner of SMDC

Become an International Marketing Partner today. Our growing team is on the lookout for skilled, driven professionals that will help us connect people to the home of their dreams.

Start selling right away to enjoy all of these great benefits. Learn the ins and outs of commissions, discounts, and Accreditation Process by completing the form below.

Accredited International Marketing Partner

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4 thoughts on “How to be an accredited International Marketing Partner of SMDC”

  1. Interested to become an SMDC sales agent . What are the requirements needed? I’m a dual citizen based abroad . Presently , I’m in the Philippines .

  2. Good afternoon po! May I ask how SMDC agents can claim commissions now that there is a lockdown (im based in Baguio) and we cannot travel to SMDC office at MOA? I still have some commissions left in SMDC when I was still under International Sales of Tina Valenova.

      1. Hi sir Jessie, Im rence from sysnet integrators Inc. may i ask where can i send a proposal for Electric Vehicle Charging Station. this is no cost from our partners. sysnet will be shoulder all equipment, maintenance, installing of EV etc.

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