Guide on how to reserve a unit at SMDC – a simple way process for both local and international buyers to have a reference on having a unit in the most convenient way. Choose a hassle and worry-free process when owning a unit. Please see below the following steps;

Step 1: Request for holding your unit

  • Kindly ask first your agent to hold the unit you prefer. The unit will be temporary hold for 2 days in SMDC Sales Inventory.
  • Your agent will send you an email confirmation that he/she received from SMDC as a proof that the unit is successfully put on hold.

SMDC Unit Holding Confirmation

Step 2: Sending Reservation Fee

Once we already have a confirmation of the unit holding, we can now choose an options on how you can send your reservation fee at SMDC Bank Accounts.



Here are the information that you’ll be needing in your Orange Bills Payment Slip at any BDO Branch.

BDO Bills payment form

Please choose the appropriate information:

  1. Company Name:
    • SM Development Corporation  – All Projects Except Chateau, Green & Trees
    • SM Synergy  – Chateau Elysee
    • Vancouver Land Inc. – Trees Residences
    • Twenty two Fourty One Properties Inc.  – Green Residences
  2. Institution Code:
    • 0226 – SM Development Corporation
    • 0300 – SM Synergy
    • 0401 – Vancouver Land Inc.
    • 0311 – Twenty two Fourty One Properties Inc.
  3. Subscriber’s account no.:  Please check the 11 Digit Subscriber number on the unit holding details sent by your agent thru email or you may ask your agent about this. (see also step 1: Request for holding your unit)
  4. Subscriber’s Name: Buyers Name
  5. Amount: Reservation Amount

Note: Kindly send at a scanned or Image Photo of the proof of bills payment slip for issuance of Official Receipt or to your respective agents.

Option 2: Check Reservation

Prepare a Check for reservation fee. SMDC accepts check for local and international (dollar account only). The reservation fee is Php 25,000 on every unit held. Please see sample below.

Sample BDO Blank Check

Please choose the appropriate information of the Company:

  • SM Development Corporation – For all Projects Except Chateau, Green & Trees
  • SM Synergy – For Chateau Elysee
  • Vancouver Land Inc. – For Trees Residences
  • Twenty two Fourty One Properties Inc. – For Green Residences


  • Pay only under the company name above.
  • Always date the Check to the current date.
  • Write the amounted in figure and in words with no mistake or erase.
  • For meet-up: ask an acknowledgement Receipt for your check.

For International buyers:

Beneficiary Details:

Beneficiary/Recipient Name  Beneficiary Account Number Project
SM Development Corporation 006280113239 All Projects Except Chateau, Green & Trees
SM Synergy Properties Holdings, Inc. 006280056227 Chateau Elysee
Twenty Two Forty One Properties, Inc. 006280105244 Green Residences
Vancouver Lands, Inc. 006280271942 Trees Residences
  1. Beneficiary/Recipient Name: see beneficiary/recipient name above depends on selected projects you want to reserve.
  2. Beneficiary Account Number: see beneficiary account number above depends on selected projects you want to reserve.
  3. Beneficiary Physical Address: Ground Floor, One E-com Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines 1300
  4. Beneficiary Phone Number: +632 857 0100
  5. Beneficiary’s Bank RTN or SWIFT Bank Identifier Code: BNORPHMM
  6. Beneficiary’s Bank Name: BDO
  7. Beneficiary’s Bank Address, City, State, Zip Code and Country: BDO One E-Com Mall of Asia


  1. You may settle your dues at Wells Fargo Bank or at any Remittance Centers.
  2. Kindly take note of the beneficiary information per project

OPTION 2: Online Remittance (for US Based Clients Only)

  1. Sign Up to
  2. Enter the following details of the Beneficiary information.

Note: Kindly send at a scanned or Image Photo of the proof of transaction details for issuance of Official Receipt.

Step 3: Documents to Accomplish

SMDC Agent will bring the following documents for your details and signature. For international buyers, download and print the following forms and documents to be filled-out.

Guide on how easy to fill-out the following documents

Reservation Agreement

On the upper part of the form, write your Name (First > Middle > Surname), same with your spouse or co-buyer.

SMDC Reservation Agreement

At the bottom part of the form, affix your signature on the left side under the “BUYER” of the document. Right side for spouse or co-buyer.

SMDC Reservation Agreement

Individual Buyers Information Sheet

If single, “check the solely in my name”. If married or with co-buyer write the name of your spouse or co-owners.

Individual Buyers Information Sheet 1

Please fill out all the necessary details asked in the“Buyer” section. At the mailing address, kindly check where do you want SMDC mail your documents (Official Receipts, Contract to Sell, Letters from SMDC).

Individual Buyers Information Sheet

If married or with a co-buyer, fill out the details in the “Spouse/Co-Buyer Information” section.

Individual Buyers Information Sheet

Both buyers should sign on the “BUYER/S” part.

Individual Buyers Information Sheet

Terms of Payment

Affix your signature on “buyer’s signature over printed name”. For married or purchasing with a co-buyer, the other party should affix his signature on the “co-buyers signature over printed name” box.

Terms of Payment

New 1904 BIR Form

On part 1, kindly fill-out your necessary information especially Mother’s Maiden Name and Father’s Name on section 9 and 10.

New 1904 BIR FORM

Skip the part 2 and proceed to part 3 section 33: Declaration, write your full name and sign.

New 1904 BIR FORM

All documents must be signed, scanned, and sent at or to your respective agents.

I suggest before reserving a unit, kindly call SMDC Customer Service hotline at +63 2 858 0300 and verify if your agent is connected to our company.


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