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Wind Residences, a one of a kind structure which provides a once in a lifetime experience of having your own secured abode in the middle of the Philippines’ rising city in the south. Giving a sweet escape from the hassle that the city life brings, Tagaytay is a perfect place to live in. You can have the array view of the city, the panoramic view of the Taal Lake, and breathe the fresh air coming from the mountains. Share quality time as you preserve harmonious bonds between generations. As soon as you have a perfect place to live in when you choose Wind Residences, you’ll be more than satisfied and will never ask for more.

Wind Residences Site Location & Address

Wind Residences Location Map
Address: Along Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Maharlika West, Tagaytay City.

Wind Residences is located Along Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Maharlika West, Tagaytay City which is also an hour drive from Manila. It is also on the right side after Petron and beside Summit Ridge Hotel. It is also across Josephine Restaurant. You will easily see this boastful structure which has an interconnecting fine dining restaurants and row of commercial establishments to meet all your needs. What differs from others is it was fashioned 30 meters away from the streets to have a diverse atmosphere surrounded by green landscape and open spaces. These open spaces are created for all to have a one of a kind amenity.

Wind Residences Development Features

Wind Residences Site Development Plan
Site Development Plan

Wind Residences have a total of 10 buildings with five 20-storey towers in front and six 10-storey towers at Phase 2 Development named Cool Suites. It has 4 elevators for tower 3 while the rest of the towers have 3 elevators. Basic flooring for the Living and Dining area are made of polished granite tiles. Walls of the units are plain cement with gloss painted finish. Toilet and bath are made of ceramic tiles with complete bathroom fixtures. All units are air-conditioned: split-type for units with balcony and window type for those units without balcony.

Wind Residences Amenities

Wind Residences Amenity
Designer’s Perspective Amenity

Wind Residences is proud to offer a relaxing and fun-filled amenities which everyone can take advantage. This owns a clubhouse with Badminton court, Basketball court, Tennis court and Swimming pool, Function Rooms and Recreational Area for social interaction and gatherings. Relax at the Garden Lawn; engage yourself at the jogging path while you appreciate the fresh mountain air and bond with kids at the Playground Area. Astound yourselves as this has Grand Lobbies and Sky Lounge. City View of Metro Manila will be seen when you’re facing north, the picture-perfect Taal view in the south, Batangas and the mountains in the west and palace in the sky in the east where you can be amaze by the sunrise.

Wind Residences Unit Layout & Details

Wind Residences - Model Unit
Model Unit

Wind Residences consists of 5 20-storey towers: Aspen, Rushmore, Everest, Mckinley and Olympus. We have Basic Finished for Towers Aspen, Everest, Mckinley and Olympus while Rushmore Tower is Furnished. Aspen Tower is the 1st tower of Wind Residences with 650 units and 63 parking lots. Rushmore Tower has 864 units and 109 parking lots. Everest Tower has 634 units and 132 parking lots. Mckinley Tower has 722 units and 164 parking lots. Lastly, Olympus Tower has 650 units and 95 parking lots.

Wind Residences Unit Choices

Studio without Balcony - Wind Residences

Studio unit without Balcony

  • Size Range (Sqm): 20.32
  • Views: Side Units
    • Status: Available

1 Bedroom without Balcony (T2) - Wind Residences

1 Bedroom without Balcony (T2)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 26.62 – 31.97
    • Views: Amenity, Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

1 Bedroom without Balcony (T4) - Wind Residences

1 Bedroom without Balcony (T4)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 26.62 – 31.97
    • Views: Amenity, Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

1 Bedroom End Unit without Balcony (T2) - Wind Residences

1 Bedroom End Unit without Balcony (T2)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 31.97
    • Views: Amenity
      • Status: Available

1 Bedroom End Unit without Balcony (T4) - Wind Residences

1 Bedroom End Unit without Balcony (T4)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 28.52 – 34.26
    • Views: Amenity, Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

1 Bedroom with Balcony - Wind Residences

1 Bedroom with Balcony

    • Size Range (Sqm): 28.64 – 34.89
    • Views: Amenities, Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

1 BR End Unit with Balcony - Wind Residences

1 BR End Unit with Balcony

    • Size Range (Sqm): 41.81
    • Views: Amenity, Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

1 Bedroom Deluxe with Balcony - Wind Residences

1 Bedroom Deluxe with Balcony

    • Size Range (Sqm): 47.11
    • Views: Amenity
      • Status: Available

2 Bedroom without Balcony (S) - Wind Residences

2 Bedroom without Balcony (S)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 41.76
    • Views: Side Units
      • Status: Available

2 Bedroom without Balcony (T) - Wind Residences

2 Bedroom without Balcony (T)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 63.95
    • Views: Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

2 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony - Wind Residences

2 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony

    • Size Range (Sqm): 63.36
    • Views: Amenities
      • Status: Available

3 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony - Wind Residences

3 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony

    • Size Range (Sqm): 192.31
    • Views: Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

4 Bedroom Penthouse (T2) - Wind Residences

4 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony (T2)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 147.42
    • Views: Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

4 Bedroom Penthouse (T3) - Wind Residences

4 Bedroom Penthouse with Balcony (T3)

    • Size Range (Sqm): 216.63
    • Views: Amenity & Taal Volcano and Lake
      • Status: Available

Have your own personal place right in front of your eyes the magnificent view at Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Reserve yours now at a very competitive payment and flexible terms which we surely offer.

HLURB LTS No. T1 26577 | T2 26578 | T3 26579 | T4 28796 | T5 28865
Location:  Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Maharlika West, Tagaytay City
Completion Date: Towers 1, 2, 3, 4 - Completed | Tower 5 - December 2016
Owner & Developer: SM Development Corporation

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36 thoughts on “WIND RESIDENCES”

  1. Hello, there is some pages po on Facebook who’s using your condo para po mang scam, specifically “Tagaytay Lake view SM Condominium Staycation” fb page that has 13k likes. The contact person po was Jeffrey Negapatan and payment was through Union Bank account of John Paul Madero. Marami na daw po na-scam since last year including me. Sana po mabigyan ng aksyon.

  2. Hi nakapag booked na po kami Tru Agoda pro wrong email nailagay kYa d namin matanggap Ang confirmation someone can help me today.

  3. I need a room to rent for 4-6 pax on may 20-21, 2023. Do you have one? Please respond. Thanks

    1. hello po, diyan po ba sa wind residences ang La Vista Gradiosa? Located at
      Tower 4, 21F
      Smdc Wind Residences Tagaytay? thanks po…

  4. Hello! I would like to plan to have a unit in Wind Residence. With Balcony and Taal Lake view. Will wait for your response.

    Thank you

  5. When I first saw a condo in Manila in 2015, my stupidity I gave reservation fee right away (P30,000.00). I returned to USA, I realized so much money to pay for the down payment for short terms. The remainder loan must be paid to Developer either by you (owner) or bank loan otherwise, you cannot get a key for the unit. You need to present an approved loan from the bank to the Developer. If you are not ready: the bank charges high interest rate but worst the in-housing is more higher. Be careful to put any amounts to any developers unless you are completely ready to put all the required amounts: reservation fee, down payment and remainder loan. I lost my reservation fee when I asked right away because of the Terms and Conditions: No refundable and transferrable. Not a good business. All about money. The parking space is P1 million to buy. The second time we went back to the building, before leaving Manila to USA, the guard told us to park downstairs from the street. When we were ready to leave the building, we were asked to pay for the parking Pxxx. I went to get the agent and he paid it himself. Learning experience. Do not do it too fast. They scheduled my first payment too soon when I just first returned to the USA. There was no such thing to allow you to cancel your reservation in 30, 60 or 45 days. As soon as you signed and you pay the reservation fee, they got you.

    1. Hi Ms. Camellia,

      Good Day!

      Thank you for your concerns. Yes, you should not give 30,000 Reservation Fee right away, since SMDC only offer 25,000 pesos to reserve one unit. You should plan first before buying a property because once you reserved the unit, it means you and your agent/broker have agreed with the unit details, computation, etc as he/she discuss the project. As far as I know, you may transfer the reservation fee to other unit in same project, but it cannot transfer the reservation fee to other SMDC project, you may confirm this to SMDC Customer Service +632 858 0300. If you buy a preselling condo, there are no developer that will give you a key of your condo/home when you are not are not paid 100%. However, In our Ready for Occupancy Projects like Wind Residences Tower 1, 2, 3 and 4, SMDC offers Early Occupancy Program (, you can use the unit while paying your monthly payment, but you need to provide financial documents for Credit Investigation at SMDC. Regarding Payments, after reserving a unit, you will start paying the monthly payments a month after the unit has been booked. SMDC will send you an email attached with the Payment Schedule as proof that the unit is already booked. If you failed to pay, you should inform your agent right away so we agents can do something about it or can give you instructions. The Bank Rate range is 6-8% but accredited banks of SMDC are very generous that you can negotiate their interest rate ( The in-house financing is 18% interest rate, and SMDC may also consider to negotiate the interest rate. Regarding the Parking Space Price, we cannot do about it because the price depends on the supply and demand same as the unit. If you cannot buy parking; I suggest, If you plan a short stay just rent a parking space for only 150 pesos fee in 1 day or for long term stay, some owners rent out their parking space for 6,000 a month. I feel very sorry for your agent. I’m glad that I have met a kind and understanding clients. Thank you.


      Jessie Delmo

  6. Hi Mr. Luis Santos,

    Good Day!

    Thank you for your comment and sorry for the confusion.

    Clients/Guess may have an option not to buy a parking space if they will only use a unit for several days, they may use Pay Parking at Wind Residences. If they will use a unit for several months, I suggest to rent a long term parking space from parking unit owners or buy one. Sky Lounge is located at the 24th floor of Tower 3 (Everest). I don’t have an Idea who operated the Sky Lounge, however, this is also used for events venue specially Wedding. If you have problems with your agent, you may drop a call to our SMDC Customer Service 858-0300 (M-F,8am-5pm) to report the agent. If you have other concerns, feel free to comment. I’ll be always here to answer all your queries. Thank you.


    Jessie Delmo

    1. Mr. Delmo, please train your agents well. I was at the BMW promo drive at the clubhouse and agents were still saying that there is ample parking space in the 15hectare project. Tell them to say that they should buy a parking space because if all towers at the Wind will be open plus the Cool Suites project, chaos will ensue. Have you heard of road rage? They are also promoting the Sky Lounge as an amenity. Have you not heard that it is being operated now by One Esplanade, a company owned by the Sys? To be able to have access to the said Sky Lounge, 50 persons are required by One Sky or One Esplanade. You have to pay an exorbitsnt fee also. Why dont you jhst lrt Starbucks operate it. The said Sky Lounge is included as an amenity in your brochures for both Wind and Cool Suites. Why don’t, your agents tell the truth that it is a private company now operating it together with Parkwise, a private company operating the parking reserved and promised to unit owners as “ample parking space”. If a unit owner who has been driving for 4 hours through traffic will have road rage and shoot it out with the guards, his blood and that of the guards, will be in Mr Henry Sy Jr’s and Sandro Javier’s hand. If your agents had disclosed the truth about parking, the unit buyers WILL HAVE NO REASON TO COMPLAIN IF THEY CANNOT FIND A PARKUNG SPACE. Wouldn’t it be better if Mr Sy’s and sandro Javier’s problem is how to construct additional parking spots for those who want to buy a parking slot and not to fend off complains from those promised with ‘ample parking space? If you told the truth your problem is how to provide 600 parking slot for Tower 1 or 800 parking spots for Tower 2 or another 600 slots for Tower 3. HINDI Ba MAS MAGANDANG PROBLEMA YAN AT HINDI KAYO NAMUMURA NG MGA UNIT OWNERS PATI GUARDS AT ADMIN personnel? The problem SMDC had created IS TO DENY THE UNIT BUYERS A CHANCE TO DECIDE PROPERLY. If you told the truth, WALANG PROBLEMA ANG MGA UNIT OWNERS AT WALA DING PROBLEMA SI MR SY.

      1. Hi Mr. Luis Santos,

        Thank you for your concerns, I would like to inform you that I’m also an In-house Agent at SMDC. Cool2invest Website is my own personal website and not affiliated by SMDC. I created Cool2invest Website for my own purpose to give better online service to all my clients local and abroad in every project of SMDC. Kindly see my about us page for details.

        As far as I can remember way back to 2009, we (agents) are informed that all the parking outside the building are free. However, it is a first come first serve basis. But, when the towers have been turnover, wind admin needs to change for better experience to all unit owners. We should understand that changes is part of the progressive development. Having a free parking, mostly non-unit owners who park inside Wind Residences and leave their cars for months which unfair to unit owners, and also that makes the development not secure and create more damage to the development like fences, roads and landscape garden. Wind Admin hired more security guards and maintenance and try to give solution without affecting units owners expenses or without increasing the monthly dues for the preservation of the beauty of the development as well the security of our unit owners. However, when more towers had been turnover and more free parking space are being used, the maintenance and security extra expenses cannot afford by only the development itself . To support this extra expenses, they made an extra income from the free parking and made it as pay parking. For my own opinion as agent, having a unit at Wind Residences is a heaven. Where can you find same type of development/amenities/service that only have a monthly dues of 85 pesos per sqm? Please try to compare our SMDC Project to other projects within Tagaytay.

        I’m not aware of any issues regarding One Esplanade and One Sky between Wind Residences Sky Lounge, I’m sorry for not answering this. For other concerns, you may call SMDC Customer Service Hotline 858-0300 or you may also contact them if you would like to propose something or like to rent a event venue/commercial space to put a Starbucks. You may also visit our office at G/F Two E-com tower, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Thank you.

        1. MR. Delmo, I assure you, it is not for a better experience for the unit owners. It has caused stress to unit owners, the guards and the Admin people while the Board of Trustees who are all appointed by SMDC has not addressed many of the issues. Imagine getting caught in a 4 hour traffic only to find out that you cannot park inside the project because the guards had been advised by the Admin not to allow parking on previously open roadways! LASTLY THERE ARE MANY DEFECTIVE UNITS. LEAKING WINDOWS, LEAKING TOILET CEILINGS, LACKIBG CHAIRS, NO ELECTRICSL CONNECTIONS,ETC. Buyers BEWARE! INSPECT YOUR UNITS WELL! THERE ARE MANY UNIT OWNERS WHO HAS PROBLEMS!

          1. Hi Mr. Luis Santos,

            Good Day!

            I appreciate your time and effort bringing this concerns to my website. I understand that you demand to have a free parking space, If SMDC gives you one free parking, will you be satisfied? If that granted, other unit owners/guest must also have a free parking for equality which development cannot accommodate that parking space needed. If SMDC follow your advice to make an additional space for free parking space for all unit owners and guest, do you think unit owners/guest will agree if SMDC remove the 6 hectare of amenities and change it into free parking? I understand what you feel about charging you a free parking to 40 pesos pesos parking fee for first 3-4 hours after travelling 1 to 2 hours or as you said 4 hours if you travel an average speed of 16.25 kmph about the distance of 65 km going to Wind Residences from your actual location in Mandaluyong.

            Regarding Defective units, how did you know that there are a lot of defective units? Did you check every units on every tower? Did every unit owners/guest informed you? Can you provide any proof to support your suspicion. Anyway, you may not accept the unit and request to fix the unit before you accept. You may also interested to one of my guide on how the unit will turnover, please visit this link:

            As an agent of SMDC, this personal website can only give you guide and advice not a solution which I already provide you the contact number or SMDC Customer Service on my previous reply. Thank you.


            Jessie Delmo

    2. Parking should be included to all tenants/owners for free or just add it under misc. fee and maintenance. Why do they need to pay extra for it?

  7. Please be wary of promises made by the good guys daw sila. Para kayong NASA Makati. BUMILI KAYO NG PARKING kung Hindi magkakaproblema kayo.Huwag maniwala sa agents. YONG SKY LOUNGE HINDI TOTOO YAN _OPERATED BY ESPLANADE AT P 50000 ANG BAYAD

      1. Very bad customer service, yung admin email is always full and bounces off emails, property manager does not reply to direct emails, phones were always left unanswered

        You have to go to the condo admin in person just to get service, weve been with them for 3 years na and service is getting worse.

        I don’t recommend you invest here if services were this awful

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