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As we go on the process to complete everything for you to have your own personal choice of unit in one of SMDC’s prime development, we want to make sure that you were guided accordingly before the turnover date of your unit. This article is just a simple reminder on what to settle, how it is going to be done and when do we need to complete the documents and payments. We want you to have a smooth sailing transaction as we are also excited that you finally have your own home.

As you know, we are with you since the very first day when you inquired, tour you to the location, hold the unit, process your documents on how to reserve and reminds you on how to pay your monthly. Now is the time that you have a complete knowledge when the turnover of your unit comes. First, the total contract price of your unit should be settled. If your chosen payment term has a balance, it must be paid before the turnover date. If the payment is not through cash, you should apply for a bank financing 6 months before the remaining balance.

If you are working or a resident abroad and you have no time to run back in the Philippines to process your unit acceptance, talk over with your agent about the Special Power of Attorney so you can designate someone to process everything on your behalf.

Once your payment is now settled by your respective bank, we can now schedule your unit for turnover. You will have an opportunity to view the unit and accept it. Once you’ve seen your unit, check every details of the unit, bring your Contract to Sell so you can compare what is written on it to what is inside in your actual unit. If you have your SPA, advise them to check first the unit carefully before signing the acceptance of the unit because once they have signed it and you found any damage within your unit, it will be your accountability.

The key will be provided after signing the unit acceptance form and you will pay working capital which is a total of 3 months.

We trust that you will enjoy on your own comfort zone, whether you are a bachelor, or with your family, or even this unit is for your investment. We want the best service which you deserve as your new home is waiting.


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    1. Hi Sernan,

      Good Day!

      Thank you for using our website to bring your concern. Usually, Turnover group of SMDC will send you an email Letter “Letter of Acceptance” once your unit is ready to turnover. If there is a chance SMDC haven’t sent you an email. Kindly coordinate with your seller or you may call SMDC Customer Service +63288580300 or email customerservice@smdevelopment.com. Thank you.

  1. unfortunately smdc have this trend not turning over of units on time they will reason out that they cannot contact the buyer for advise foolish reasoning out. kakatawa pagkatapos mo magpakahirap magbayad sa down at magprocess pra ma approved sa bank tpos mag montly ka na sa bank pero si smdc di pa din iturn over syo ang unit kasi gagamitin pa din nya. kabig lang ng kabig hay nku kaya yumaman ng husto. dpat iban na yang smdc n yan.

  2. We want to know if the Agent of my son Mark Angelo S. Sarmiento, Mr Ferdinand Peter C. Lopez is still connected with TREES RESIDENCES since, we want him to assist us in transferring the ownership of my son’s Condo Unit 8020831 but we dont have his contact/cell no. Can you please help us as soon as possible since, we only have up to the end of Dec to fully pay our unit by cash or by Bank Financing. Thank you and more power.

    1. Hi Mr. Pascual S. Sarmiento.

      You may call at +63 2 8580300 to know if the agent of your son is still connected. Also, you may advice your son to call that number in case he need assistance.

      If you have other concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you.


      Jessie Delmo

  3. Hi Ms. Hapi,

    Good Day!

    Thank you for sending us your concerns. However, this concerns should handled by your agent. This process will be depends on the status of your unit/payments/processing. Kindly advise your agent to follow up your concern to SMDC regarding this issue. As a SMDC agent, we are committed to assist you until the unit has been turnover to our client. Thank you.

  4. is it normal and regular, from date of checking the unit, three months have lapsed , to date, still the turnover unit is in the process of repairs in the unit? When can I enjoy my hardwork, while ur personnel had already received their wages and salary from the payments we made…tnx

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