What you don’t know about buying condos

What you don’t know about buying condos is revealed.

Amenities and Features

Before,  condo developers here in the Philippines are very few. By just developing a condo with a small swimming pool, it will already be saleable. But Today, most developers do enhancements and  create more types of amenities and features to meet the investors demand and  also to acknowledge as the best condominium development here is the Philippines.

The modern condominium must have swimming pool, clubhouse , function rooms , sports area , open spaces for landscape garden / lawn, playground area , recreational Area, jogging paths and  there is a commercial area under each building for everyday needs like wet and dry supermarket, banks, restaurants, boutiques and other business establishments a condo has to offer. Add-ons are concierge, CCTV, guards like living in a hotel . Even though,  buying worth a Php 3-4M condo investment will surely satisfy your daily needs because of amenities and features of condominium development has to offer today.

Community and Neighbourhood

Most of the time condo admin has scheduled an events for unit owners. This will be a good opportunity for businessman as units owners in joining such events. They can easily convince and find business partners. Because most of the condo owners are prominent in society. This is the other way to attract more investors for your business.

Location and Accessibility

When we buy a condo our main concern is location. Why? In a large city is hard to find affordable property in the exact area we want. So the answer to this problem is condominium.


I notice now a day’s condominium Investors buying  4 – 8 condo units either cash or installment basis. Then, soon they will sell half units they have bought lesser to current price value to pay the balance for the remaining condo units. Most investors don’t use broker or agents to sell their property because It will just lessen their profit, mostly they encourage their friends or business partners to buy their unit  in lower price compare to the current price. Then soon they will lease their unit  to generate income for future investment again. That’s what cycle of investment they are doing today, safe and effective rather than keeping money to their banks. For starters, I suggest to try 2 condo units to know the flow on investing a condo.


Do you know that you only need 80-100 pesos per sqm per month as monthly dues to secure your safety and maintain your property in good condition. A well secured and proper maintained condo must have guards, concierge, doorman at entrance, 24X7 general maintenance, daily garbage picker. This is very cheap expenses compare you hire one for yourself.

Value for Money

All condo owners knows that the condominium living is cheaper. If we can only try and experience the benefits, upgraded lifestyle, accessibility to the location and the most important our safety. We can say that, the value of our money worth for this kind of investment.

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What you don’t know about buying condos

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